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by Aaron Kahland

For what it is worth, here is some advice from me to young American men – travel. Get out of your comfort zone for starters – it will help you develop and become independent.

Secondly, get away from the toxic environment that includes much of today’s America. Instead, go someplace – and I’d recommend Europe (at least for those of European extraction) because it will force you to reconnect with your origins. It will also force you to question your identity – which, if in anyway influenced by that toxic environment, is probably not a healthy one.

I cannot say first hand the degree to which American women are corrupted – but if they are it is because of the environment they are in – and here’s the thing – that environment isn’t good for you either. Live in a bunch of countries if you can do so without sacrificing too much loss of income.

The personal rewards from the experience will lead to measurable benefits later in life. If you travel in your mid to late twenties it will probably also mean that you find your spouse abroad and i can tell you, having lived now in four countries that the women do not resemble those being described as typical Americans.

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