Our Progress

—“All that anti-multiculturalism crap is just a blind for racism and deflated egos. It’s all a cover for how weak you are, so meh. Talk to me about how well your chest thumping worked in five years, tuffy. ;)”— Salon Users

I dunno man. Won an election. Took over the court. Restructured taxes. Unfunded obamacare and its mandate. Purged the State Department. Decreased job flight. Highest valuations since 1900, nearing zero practical unemployment (which is 3%), revised growth upward for the first time in eight years, and “Encouraged” the combination of CVS and Aetna as the first step in private provision instead of government monopoly. Ended immigration from hostile countries (news today). Building beginning on the Wall. Cut illegal immigration dramatically. Got the Saudis to restructure and take point on Iran. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem (soon). Forced Germany to take military leadership in Europe. Continued containment of Russia and reversed Chinese manipulation. Meanwhile the right has very close to disempowered out Merkel. We will finish with the court in the next three years. Once the Russia probe is done they will take out the Clinton foundation and the DNC. Brexit continues despite all internal attempts to stop it. The base remains rock solid.

I dunno… in just eleven months that seems pretty good progress. I mean. some of us just want to get on with a civil war, but as long as progress against postmodernism-feminism-marxism and euro-genocide, continues then we will not need one.

(just to be clear, I prefer war)

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