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**—-”At what level of lightness of skin can a person be called a white person?”—**

“**White**“ is a politically correct term in common use because **Aryan** (referring to the Yamna culture’s revolution in bronze, horse, and wheel in northern Ukraine and southern russia, and developing in Poland) is politically incorrect. They are, and northern europeans largely are, a genetic subrace, from whom western civilization’s rather unique values ( individual heroism, individualism sovereignty, contractualism, evolved prior to and during the bronze age collapse, and continues to influence western civilization today (despite marxist-socialist-postmodernist-feminist attempts to end it, and therefore make the west ‘like everyone else’: free of markets and meritocracy.)

So it’s only partly about skin color. It’s a subrace, and that subrace’s civilization. Either you are a member of these gene groups or your not ‘white’ (Caucasian, indo european, northern european (urals to spain), and you and your ancestors have not been through the same environmental pressures producing the same distributions of traits.


An albino Arab, African, Indian, or Han has white skin because of a defect in his genes. A caucasian, Anatolian, Levantine, Mesopotamian has black hair, slightly darker coloring, and usually less aquiline features. (notice how jews are a mixture of Mesopotamian, levantine, north semitic, and have increasingly been successful at incorporating european genes. Semites, both north and south have
An ethnic indo european has white skin, more aquiline features, and evolved under different evolutionary pressures from the others. We don’t really know why but white skin appears to have developed about 20K years ago, for what was likely both a reproductive desirability, the result of highly asymmetric reproduction by some peoples, and possibly (we don’t know) because it was advantageous in the low sun conditions along the edge of the glaciers during the ice age. However, whatever the reason it was an extremely desirable trait and spread quickly.

Continuing through our little tribal catalog An ethnic southern european is an anatolian from the southern branch of indo europe ans and has either black hair more anatolian features, and or swarthier skin. An ethnic south eastern european is a blend of the early people from the metal culture of the east black sea, and the peoples closer to russia. A northern european has very white, bordering on translucent skin, and we categorize as ‘white’ the same way we categorize africans as ‘black’. Of the white northern europeans (the other indo europeans from the northern branch are all extinct), we have atlantics who are a mixture of the first europeans and later europeans. The scandinavians who came slightly later. The celts who built the largest european civilization to date, and bisected the northern and southern ‘I’ peoples, for whom the souther are not extinct. The Germans proper who intermingled with atlantics and celts and scandinavians, producing high, middle, and low german peoples. We have dark haired slavs, and light haired slavs, and they are the whitest people to date, because they are the oldest and least outbred people, with the least genetic diversity to ‘correct’.
The fact is we use ‘White’ because the word ‘Aryan’ was prohibited after the world wars and the Yamna or Yama, and Kurgan are names of artifacts not names of self description. Although the more we learn from genetics and archaeology the more correct the term ‘Aryan’ and the concept of the Aryan culture, and ‘sub race’ is scientifically correct. although we shoujld probably label them north, south and east, because all three diverged and only northerners survived – the others integrated and went extinct.

It will just take another fifty years before we can say that without fear of shouting down by social justice warriors (marxist-socialist-postmodernists). 😉

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