Are The Tatar People Asian Or White?

Tatars are a Turkic people. Turkic peoples are originally from the ‘Iranian’ or West Asian group, migrating to in north mongolia, and then back into anatolia.


Iranian Race ( Armenian(R1b/J2) – Jewish(E1/J) – Greek(I2) — Southern Italians(I2) — Turk – Kurd – Iranian – Jordanian – Iraqi – Assyrian – Druze – Lebanese – Georgian – Caspian – Palestinian)

Waves of people appear to have rippled outward from the caucuses and then from the middle eastern central asian territories.
West asians “swarthy skin, black hair” were highly successful and expanded both east and west.
The original south eastern europeans were successful particularly in metalwork.
So called ‘indo europeans”, in three surviving branches expanded with horse, wheel, and bronze. West asian, indian, and ‘white’ european.
European “White” (north sea – north black sea – russia) expanded in two iterations.
In these iterations, the horse riders expanded along the eurasian plain.
In europe it appears ‘whites’ largely replaced (not displaced) previous peoples, although there was inbreeding. (This is a discovery from last year.)
This is all evident in the genetic map of europe which the vertical ‘waves’ of older genes are bisected by the later genes of horse riders.
Strangely, it poland and ukraine are exceptional agrarian and grazing territories and it appears that whites first moved in and then back, and replaced earlier generations.
We tend to think of the continent of europe int he singular, but we have produce at least anatolian, greek, roman, celtic, north sea, eastern continental and atlantic , and finally russian civilizations from what is a very narrow gene pool.
The narrowest gene pools, and perhaps the best gene pools are the largest racial groups: han (northern china) the koreans and the japanese. Who, although from an earlier fork of the great expansion, were successful in walling off their civilizations from the people of the steppe and desert.

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