No. No Exit. It Is Time For Us To Fight

–“The thing which is intensely apparent the longer you spend looking at the world and people’s opinions about it and what to do is this: we are truly out of our depth here.”—

I think it’s that there are two few people who are not. But let’s move on and see what we have here….

–“Just basic stuff like “birth control plus the nuclear family have produced the loneliest generation of women in history, and the gaps left by kids and extended family hurt.” Or the other one, which is that we just don’t have enough natural resources to provide the entire world with a basically adequate standard of living without extremely radical technological transformations.”—

Correct. And Both are possible only because of keynesian debt – although that era is quickly coming to a close. And the purpose of keynesian debt is to accelerate consumption. And the surest means of accelerating consumption is increasing population until the malthusian limit is not supply but demand (think about that one a bit).
It’s possible that this collapse is precisely what ‘the other side wants’. To reduce us back to pre-paternal poverty.

–“These [failures] are extremely straight forward. But they are [failures] that exist in cultural and personal blind spots,”—

I would say that they exist in economic ignorance, and political practicality. I mean, it’s non trivial to accumulate sufficient knowledge of math, logic, and economic and physical sciences to represent what you sense in scientific terms. Worse, addressing these failures means admitting that the enlightenment assessments of human nature were wrong, that democracy is a bad thing, and that one of the principle successes of western civilization was millennia of eugenics under aristocratic meritocracy.

–“so although they are precisely the medicine required to bring people to an awareness of what is wrong and what could meaningfully improved in the world, nobody can hear them. You can sit there talking about this stuff all day long, but because it flies against the prevailing narratives of the day, it just washes straight past people.”–

Well, that’s because people will always choose consumption, hyperconsumption, conspicuous consumption,virtue signaling, and virtue signal spirals *if there is no means of limiting them from doing so*. Usually the market, and the available resources prevent them from doing so. Keynesian economics misinforms them that there is no limit. HOWEVER, as you note, acting as if there is no limit merely consumes accumulated informational, habitual, normative, cultural, institutional, territorial, and genetic capital.

—“Here’s another one: you can have your anonymous censorship resistant free speech platform, but it will become uninhabitable for women and minorities because of the constant seas of harassment they will encounter. It will also be a breeding ground for the very worse in human nature, that awkward place where utter personal failure meets the Nazi philosophy, and horrible men dream of redemption through shedding the blood of The Other.”—

I dunno. Thats the market at work, right? Didn’t you yourself just fall to the same ‘unlimited resources, equality of human capital, equality of habit, norm, culture, institution,

Who is it that is doing the hyperconsumption by hyper-reproduction? Reproduction is just deficit spending. Do we really have any other problem than underclass reproduction and middle and upper class under-reproduction?

—“In each case, our lag in building cultural understanding means that good people are wasting their lives on bad ideas, because the news that these ideas are bad take a generation or two to trickle through academia to become a respectable truth.”—

It’s not cultural understanding. It’s economics, genetics, and physics. And thats difficult because they are contrary to the ‘dream’. The dream is a falsehood. America is wealthy because we have spent a couple of centuries conquering and selling off a continent under the anglo rule of law of torts. That’s the only reason. IT’s true that anglo law is the best law discovered in history. Anglos had the benefits of the north sea civilization and the hansa to convert into an effective commercial code.

—“And I just can’t get the help. I’m a man who occasionally swears oaths, things like “I will die before you do” which, in a safety critical situation, is as good a guarantee as one can give of your intentions and your seriousness. “I will not do anything for money I am not willing to do for free” was another very strong oath – which I kept for more than 12 years, and which rendered me continuously precarious and worse a few times, but also allowed me to live with integrity in a very, very dirty world.”—

You are not alone. “Revolution Comes.”

–“I realized recently that I don’t know anyone else who swears and keeps oaths. People just do what’s expedient.”—

Loyalty provides long term very high returns, and is the opposite of short term consumption, conspicuous consumption, virtue signaling, and virtue spirals. Heroism, loyalty, truth and sovereignty are uniquely western values and always have been.

So what does it say about you (positively) that you want such returns?

—“And that’s when it clicked. The world is as it is because people are as they are. And the choices are as they ever were: the best force organization on the worse, or we spend our lives trying to improve people. To govern, or to teach, are the basic choices.”—

Absolutely correct. The strong determine all else. If the world is shit then it is the fault of them men who CAN act, for not HAVING acted, such that they bring about THE BEST RULE BY THE BEST.

—“I’ve picked govern. I’ve seen everybody who’s tried to teach fail to get major results, and it’s a hard, hard conclusion but I just don’t think the results are there. It’s just not that time or place.”—


—“And here, sitting [?with govern?], I can just do the best I can, and nothing more. I don’t see how we can teach people a realistic politics: too few want to know the truth about how the world works.”—

Um. the best we can is to fight.

We are given an OPPORTUNITY FOR HEROISM. And opportunity WRITE OUR NAMES ON HISTORY FOR ALL TIME. This is not a tragedy but an opportunity. An opportunity men laying abed wishing for adventure, fame, and meaning rarely have.

—“This leaves us with Straussian options, and conspiracy – Bannon who was a director of Biosphere 2 knows damn well that climate change is real, and believes that fortress America must be girded with iron to survive it.”—

I have no idea why that’s relevant. The only reason we have any warming is the masses, and unregulated reproduction.

—“Which brings me back to the simple expedience of make the money, spend the money, and enforce accountability. It may not be much, but it’s literally the only effective strategy I can see right now for enacting global change.”—-

I would say that you are, like many, looking for an excuse to admit failure and unwillingness to fight to bring about governing, ruling best, by the best.

—“I get clearer and purer in this understanding every time I derive it again from first principles. I just have to use the market and the mechanisms it affords for changing the world.”—

The market for coopearation is a tool for seizing opportunities made possible by markets. The market for violence is a tool for constructing the opportunities, and LIMITS of those markets. The market for gossip, information, ideas, is a tool for organizing violence with which to create markets constructed of opportunities and limits.

—“Nothing else will work. Which sucks, but there we are.”—

No. You are, like many, trying to find a self justification for exit.

There is only one exit: failure for all time.
There is only one success: revolution and change, for all time.

Love you brother, and I love all, but you were born with little other than a wealth of time and a wealth of violence and it is time to put your inheritance to work.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

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