Do Europeans Use The Term “white People”?

It depends upon which ideology(‘Cult’) you subscribe to. I talk with people every day who do, and read papers, books, articles, posts, and tweets by people who do.

But the two major cults argue (propagandize) quite differently:

1 – Pseudoscientific Marxist-Postmodern-Feminist-Temporal-Equalitarians who cherry-pick Consumption as a measure of gain or loss,


2 – Aristotelian-Empirical-Paternal-Intertemporal-Inequalitarians who account for all Capital changes, whether increases(gain), or in the case of immigration, decreases(loss).

Capital (people who think long term) is the reason for western quality of life. Genetic capital (meaning pedomorphism, intelligence, and time preference) are unrecoverable costs. Cultural capital (truth telling, aristotelianism, and uniquely northern european high trust) are almost as unrecoverable. Institutional capital (rule of natural law of reciprocity, non corrupt institutions, the destruction of familial and tribal bonds, the possibility of democracy because of them) and Normative Capital ( Manners, habits, norms, ethics and morals are almost as unrecoverable as cultural capital.

Pseudoscientific (gender, class, clan, tribe, and race differences are not meaningful or beneficial) or Scientific( gender, class, clan, tribe, and race differences are cumulatively impactful and destructive).

Europe’s been suicidal since the end of the wars, and the collapse of the empires. There are plenty of europeans who use the term white people.

European governments have implemented social programs so costly, and so mobilized women int he workforce that they must destroy the entire civilization in order to pay for one genertation’s consumption.

The dirty secret of europe is that it has to commit suicide, because it can’t unwind the impossible commitments it’s given.

Once you realize the Marxist->Keynesian->Postmodernist->Feminist ‘philosophy’ is just a restatement of middle eastern christianity in pseusoscientific, pseudorational and contral-logical prose, then you realize europe continuse to fight empirical modernity just as hard as every other nation.

She just is more artful about lying about it to herself.

The next fiscal collapse, will end the experiment. And it’s certain to occur within the next decade.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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