From Twitter. Kyle Henry Sees A Pattern In History

—“A little abstract,but when I think of Propertarianism in terms of development. I keep thinking of England in the year 1066. The chaos following the battles of Stamford Bridge & Hastings. Three ideologies-Pagan mysticism Harald. Roman mysticism- Harold.”—@KyleHen44723716

1) Smart observation. Yes. Only today it’s Pseudoscience(Jewish) vs Pseudo- Rationalism (French-German), vs Rule of Law-Tradition and History-Tradition (Empiricism), Just as it has been since the industrial revolution. Anglo >French >German>Jewish. Each was +100yrs. Ending now.

2) So I view my work as completing the enlightenment, and trying to provide the next empirical revolution – in psychology, social science, law, economics, and science – to compensate for the errors-wishful-thinking-deceit of the French, German, and Jewish counter-enlightenments.

3) The problem, and the one that creates the permanent vulnerability to any system of calculation, truth, sovereignty, and reciprocity, is that people all desire false histories. My only correct critics so far are those that say ‘truth is enough to rule, but not enough for man’.

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