Illegal, Not Illegal, And Legal.

(Friend reminds me this is beneath my purview. This post is not about weed, but about markets and the scope of permissible behavior under law.)

A Post on ‘weed’ reminded me to make an important point:

We do not choose between ILLEGAL, and LEGAL …
… but between:


0 – Bearable but not Usable ( Grandfathered )
1 – Usable but not producible ( Personal )
2 – Producible but not exchangeable, (Private)
3 – Exchangeable but not commercial, (Hobby Market)
4 – Commercial but not industrial, (Craft Market)
5 – Industrial but regulated, (Commercial Market)
6 – Industrial but unregulated (Almost Never).

IMO ‘weed’ should have been made not-illegal in Private and Commons but not in Markets. In other words, producible, exchangeable, but not marketable. Commercialization was a mistake. And it was (measurably) unnecessary.

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