What Do You Think About The Future Of “industrial And Network Economics” Master Program?

I have a very simple approach to education and I recommend it to everyone.

Study any STEM (physical science, technology, engineering, economics, and mathematics) that you can manage. It doesn’t matter if you major or minor in it. Take whatever math you must to get through it.

Engineering is almost never a bad degree. Tech is rewarding at present. Economics will always be rewarding. (Not that in the USA economics is a technical discipline, but in europe and eastern europe it just means ‘business’, and is nonsense.) Physical science and mathematics are only valuable if you want those careers, OR it’s easy for you. THese degrees ‘certify you’ as ‘smart’.

Take accounting 1 and 2. Take the dumbest finance course you can find. And only one. Take micro and macro economics. Take a business law course. One course is all you will need. Try to take an economic history of the world – it should be two classes. If you can manage two semesters of classical philosophy, or the philosophy of science then you’re done.

It’s horrible but what I’m recommending is literally remedial education since as far as I know all but engineering can be taught in high school and should be since our emphasis on science and mathematics is overblown compared to our emphasis on economics, accounting, law, and finance – which people will endure every day. And those people that want geeky professions (the hard sciences, mathmatics, economics and statistics) will go for them anyway.

Take the minimum classes you need to graduate with that experience

For everything else just read anything but fiction. lol.

WHY? It is very difficult to see the future right now because we are at an inflection point that happens only during periods of great (and often catastrophic change). There will be vast alterations of the workforce on scales we have not seen since the shift from agrarianism from 1890 to 1930. So any particular career is something I have a hard time judging.

Right now? Learn javascript and make six figures rapidly without any college. Live in a communal house with five friends, and save more than half of what you make for the first five to ten years. Do not get married until after that. Then you are set for life, and can stop worrying about careers and what not because your house will be paid for, and your total cost of living is below the poverty level if you want it to be, and everything you make, no matter how much, can be used for wahtever purpose you want.



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