White People Look Different From Asians. Were There Flat-faced Neanderthals In The Far East?

East Asians evolved from an earlier fork of Africans than Europeans. Africa still contains both almond eyed and round eyed genetic groups. And we can clearly trace east asian genetic development. (Unfortunately, the romans failed to build the wall the chinese built to keep out the steppe-desert people, and we continue to be the victims of their genetic strategy: low cost high reproduction.)

We are still trying to discover how pre-indo-europeans evolved before and during the ice age. We simply do not have good evidence for it. We understand how europeans (colder climate multi-colored haired and fairer whites) and west asians (warmer climate, black haired darker whites) coevolved. We know about when and how ‘whiteness’ evolved. But the ‘out of africa’ is only part of the story. Like the neandertal genetic discovery, there is still something we don’t quite know yet.

FWIW: the reason east asians and whites ‘differ’ is greater neoteny (pedomorphism). Which is why east asians have VERY low testosterone, and europeans (whites) have more than asians and less than all other races and subraces. And this is why east asians can have longer lifespans.

In fact, (this is both humorous and obvious) we can judge neoteny by both facial features and penis size – which makes for fascinating dinner table conversation. lol 😉


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