The Four Enlightenments And The Four Counter-Enlightenments


1 – Generation One: The Yamna, Law, Bronze, Wheel, steel and Paternalism Enlightenment
The first Counter Enlightenment: Religion and Mythology > causing The indo-iranian-european divide. (See Hamilton)

2 -Generation Two: The Pythagorean, Socratic, Aristotelian, and Zeno Rational Enlightenment,
The Second Counter Enlightenment: Scripture > Pilpul > Abrahamism (Judaism > Christianity > Islam) > The Dark Ages.

3 – Generation Three: The Bacon, Newton, Locke, Smith, Hume, Empirical Enlightenment
The Third Counter-Enlightenment: Rousseau, Kant and the Continentals – The French counter enlightenment and Napoleonic conquests.

4 – Generation Four: The Poincare, Maxwell, Dawin, Menger, Weber-Pareto-Durkheim, Spencer, Nietzsche, Second Scientific Revolution,
–vs–Generation Four’s Counter Enlightenment: Marx /Freud /Cantor /Mises /Frankfurt (pseudoscience) and it’s heresy: Postmodernism (“there is no truth”) Causing the loss of the 20th century western civilization.

Meanwhile Tort law, Markets, Technology, and Science falsify the “Priesthood’s Deceits”.

The only social science is tort.

Albeit slowly. We win.

Our truth is more expensive and slower than your lies.

We call that high cost: empiricism.

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