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Westerners were naturalists and empiricists into prehistory for the simple reason that western civilization’s first organizing principle is the militia and the sovereignty that a militia grants each individual in it. THe militia was necessary on the vast european plain for the simple reason that no flood river valleys with centralized organization of irrigation existed as did in the south east, india, and far east, wherein a small force could seek rents upon agrarian production, and create parasitic central governments and empires.
Instead, westerners had horses, cattle, pigs, crops, and good arable land, but production remained distributed, and because of that lower populations, but higher eugenic evolution (suppression of underclass reproduction.)
So possessed of small numbers, but horse, metalsmithing, and the wheel, they compesnated with inferior numbers with technology, risk-taking, and maneuver – adaptation to changes. And since these things were expensive, they were supplied by families (knights were armored by families right up thru and after the crusades – only gunpowder changed the financing. It became cheap to field soldiers.)
Such a militia requires sovereignty. The only way differences in sovereignty can be resolved is by reciprocity, and the only possible test of reciprocity is tort.
In other words, the western common law began and remains empirical. Not authoritarian, and not ideal, and not supernatural. But purely empirical and reciprocal. And it was this first organizing principle that caused the evolution of reason, mathematics, engineering, stoicism, greek and roman law, empiricism, and finally science. Because debate was forever necessary. The growth of commerce only exacerbated and reinforced this behavior.
The Abrahamic Dark Age of Christianity/Judaism/Islam is over, and western people have returned to their original traditions. The traditions by which they dragged themselves out of the ignorance, superstition, poverty, hard labor, starvation, disease, infant mortality and early death.
There is nothing good in christianity that was not there before it. And there is nothing bad in christianity that was not put there to undermine the western aristocracy so that the eastern empire could rule a land of the ignorant as had the despots done time immemorial in the fertile crescent.
In other words: were were always empirical, and we have returned to type.
The lies of priests no longer fall on illiterate ears.

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