(I have had the same experience, but the difference is, that as a male, we are often happy to compete rather than conform. So as she describes herself as a bleeding heart liberal – in other words has the intuitions of a female – I ended up the opposite specializing in competition and natural law – with the intuitions of a male. As far as I know the autism spectrum increases the distance between our intuitions and our reason for what appear to be extremely trivial reasons in the early neural economy – but that has had zero impact on how we decide those questions that are solved only by intuition: by rather than reason. Women think like women do, and men think like men do, because our competing gender reproductive strategies evolved prior to our use of reason, and almost certainly before our development of consciousness. There is a difference between the male and female brain structure due to the development of that distance, but there is also a difference between the male and female structure due to endocrine influences. But we can still observe that we see both genders with both reproductive, social and cognitive biases each varying along the male and female axis of development.)

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