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Many people here scientism or mathiness and hear profundity. I hear a pseudoscientific priesthood talking just like you hear theologians or rationalists (or continental philosophers) speaking.

Mathiness is actually the origin of the failing of western philosophy until the stoics. Pythagoras, Aristotle, Zeno’s genius was undermined by Plato’s catastrophe and Augustine and Pauls’ crime against western civilization, and abraham and muhammad’s transformation of persian and egyptian mythology into a false history and immoral laws – a crime against humanity. Unequalled until Rousseau, Kant, Boaz, Marx, Freud, cantor, mises, rothbard, and Strauss all repeated the process of fictionalism – this time in pseudoscientific, pseudo rational(philosophical), and pseudo historical prose.

I spend most of my time criticizing economics as a means of restoring empirical law.

But yesterday I happened across an interesting bit of ‘scientism’ that was ‘scienticsm’ rather than science, because it is dependent upon mathiness.

Most of what I see in physics today, and most of what I see in frankly all the sciences, whenever someone explains relationships rather than explains transformations – is mathiness.

Idealism, mathiness, scientism are all failures to speak in the language of truth:


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