Are Iranians The Original White People?

No. The original white people are lost to history. Of the indo-european peoples (the caucasian expansion in eurasia), the Iranians (Persians, not Iranians) consist of a southern branch. The eastern branch was outbred into india. The greek aristocracy that migrated south is gone. The west black sea (Bulgarians) remain although are highly outbred with slavs. The Anatolians remain. The Turkics left (to north china) and returned (were kicked out). The others in asia have largely been lost. The semitic peoples are a blend of african-horn and southern arabian peninsula, and west eurasian peoples. (If I recall correctly). The people of north africa have been lost to the arab invasions. The eastern edge of the mediterranean has been a crossroads, and that is partly why it has always been a trade route as well as an area of disproportionate conflict.

Lesson of history: he who breeds wins. he who advances conquers and is then conquered by those he enabled. because the underclasses breed. This is true always in nature.

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