No. We Make No Apologies For Disruption Of Your Status Quo’s

—‘talents’ being the will to take others property, land and commit genocide?”— Kool Akiem

(Regarding: “europeans have inherited a genetic advantage in the distribution of their talents, just as have the ashkenazi and the east asians. The difference is only that we developed truth independent of its effect on the dominance hierarchy and no one else did.”)

Talents meaning personality traits including intelligence, and in particular verbal intelligence, but even more so on general pedomorphcih and neotonic prolongation of traits.

I am terribly proud of dragging humanity out of superstition, ignorance, poverty, hard labor, child mortality, early death, suffering and disease even if they resisted us all the way, and succeeded in defeating us by the great lies of the Abrahamic Dark Age. And even if they are resisting us today in the beginning of the second abrahamic (pseudoscientific) dark age by exactly the same means.

I am terribly proud of replacing the undomesticated animal, and domesticating the human animals that remain.

You are not kin, friend, productive cooperator, political cooperator, or military cooperator and I would prefer to continue speciating and leaving peoples like you behind as we have done so for millennia.

If we cannot cooperate on ends, that is fine, as long as we can cooperate on means. If we cannot cooperate on means, then you are either unimportant, a competitor for resources, a parasite, or an enemy.

There is no family of man except in the mind of parasites.

I mean, the greatest murderers in the world are the islamists (500M dead, and the Socialist/Communists 100M dead) yet we have dragged mankind out of ignorance in the ancient and modern world, with the only interruption being the abrahamic dark age imposed upon europe by eastern emperors followed by muslim pirates and raiders.

I mean, we destroyed south american civilizations nearly by accident. In the modern world we ahve tried desperately to turn primitive semi domesticated animals into fully human participants in the market order. And had the british not fallen to immoral influence under Disraeli, they might have completed the task by administration rather than leaving it to americans to force others to do at the point of high powered weapons. The muslims destroyed every major civilization in the ancient world, and the soviets cost eastern europe two hundred years. The east and southeast asians killed so many of their own people that only the muslims and the great plagues compare.

Your anxiety is that you have very low sexual, social, economic, political, and military market value, and as such you rail against a world you are unfit for. It is understandable that you should rail against a sexual,s ocial, economic, political and military order that forces you to confront your low market value to others. However, It is in the interests of all mankind past and present that if you lack sexual, social, economic, political, and military market value, that you disappear from the gene pool so that you do not force others to pay the cost of your inadequacy.

We all fear being left behind. I wish I was tall enough to play basketball – I would have greater access to better women. I wish often that I had ordinary intelligence rather than the extremes – it would make life more pleasant. I wish that I had been born in a prior generation of my family when it was much wealthier than others, rather than in a generation equal to others.

But I compete. I win. I make a place where I can create value.

I don’t rail against the world to justify my lack of ability, character, and fortitude. ?


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