Which U.s. Allies Would Back Up Their “support” With Actual Troops If America Was Attacked?

There are people with more understanding of field capacity than I have, but as far as I know the only people (a) reading and willing, (b) able to contribute whatsoever, are the British. Unfortunately the british vision of training is going home for dinner at 5:00pm (which our soldiers complain about endlessly.)

The French undermine Americans (they undermine Europe as a whole) at every opportunity. They will never participate in our defense. They are as likely to side with the enemy as help us. The aussies can fight but they’re far away, and small in numbers.

We learned a great deal from Libya. Europe can handle a bit of civil unrest but is otherwise entirely defenseless. The military is little more than a social service program to reduce unemployment.

The British and French are nuclear powers.

Germany is down there with Indonesia and Canada – a military in pretense only

Worse, European Armies don’t train and can’t fight.


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