Mankind Does Not Need Many Judges, It Needs a Plan, Generals, and Soldiers.

The number of people alive at anyone time that can transcend the animal is very small. The number who cannot but will follow those who can if it is in their interests is large. The number who will follow those *assuming they will apply the violence to restore the production of agency via truth, sovereignty, reciprocity, and markets in everything, is far and above enough.

We convince those that are capable of agency, we provide strategy for those who follow those with it, and provide material incentive to those neither able nor understanding, but whose interests we serve.

And we bend the rest to our will or we end the need to.

Mankind does not need many judges, it needs a plan, generals, and soldiers. The masses just follow the order the strong institute, and it is very hard to argue with the imposition of natural law by the ongoing suppression of free riding, parasitism and predation, by deceit, fraud, theft, and violence.
May 13, 2018 7:00pm

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