New World Order: The First Step Was to Kill the Kings

New World Order = Rule by Merchants.
by Bill Anderson

The first step was to kill all the kings. Completed via WWII. The king is the Father of the Nation, biologically related to his subjects, the embodiment of the genetic self-interest of a nation.

The moderns are very careful to propagandize monarchy as evil and wicked, because the king has the incentive to limit the opportunities of the merchant class to profit from the consumption of capital of the nation.

The Merchants frame the story of America as the culmination of the defeat of kings, raising anti-monarchy to religious fervor, and sacralizing the value. Monarchy is a heresy to them. This value system led America to become the Kingslayer and kinslayer in both WWI and WWII. Little did we know that when we slew the Fathers of the nations, that we were killing our Father in our collective cultural psyche, rendering a final judgement against authoritarianism as evil, and enshrining that value system. It’s the value system of the Son in rebellion against the Father.

Now we see this anti-Father value system reaching the flower of its expression : where all masculinity is toxic, where men no longer defend their borders or their breeding rights.

The restoration of Men, of patriarchy (rule by fathers), requires the re-sacrilization of the Father in our value system. This requires the destruction of the mythos of the merchants, including the propaganda that the American project was noble or virtuous only because it destroyed kings. The was virtue in being explorers and conquerors, but not in leading the charge to institute rule by merchant.

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