The Coming “unpleasantness” (revolts)

—“Given the current accelerating rate of ideological and racial polarization, how likely is it in America that the country will enter an era of large-scale sectarian violence at some point in this century?”— A Friend 

by Curt Doolittle, The Propertarian Institute, Kiev, Ukraine

I’ve stated since 2006 that we would have a violent revolution between 2020 and 2025. I stated that the economy would fail by 2008 (it did) would not recover until at least ‘14 (I was right), that would peak its recovery in ‘17/18 (I was right) and that the next correction would coincide with demographic, political, and economic collapse, at the very same moment that american military and political power would be impossible to sustain the remains of the british empire we inherited at the war’s end. (I will be correct.) I know this because of economics, demographics, the conflict of civilizations, and the great power struggles that result.

The entire suite of socialist experiments worldwide across the 20th century have failed, and so the right (classical liberal rule of law) would have won if not for immigration overwhelming the country via the six massive-immigration-cities. However, since the left was successful in achieving through third world immigration and the destruction of the nuclear family what they could not achieve through their ideas, the only solution to intolerable conflict is separation.

Both Communist-Antifa/BLM/Soros and the Nationalist-Right Coalitions were very close to starting a war after the Trump victory overturned the left’s belief in victory, and had Charlottesville been slightly more violent such that the Right wingers defended themselves with the rather vast arsenal they had with them, it would have started there. But all that occurred in the aftermath has been the elimination of the nazi symbolism from the hard right, and the down-funding of BLM/Antifa by Soros, who has instead switched to funding the anti-gun movement to achieve the same ends.

What’s occurring right now is that the Trump administration is serving as a sufficient proxy for violence. The right’s current plan is to wait until the left attempts to prosecute Trump for (correctly) attempting to shut down. The left is waiting for their long awaited win.

Meanwhile the very few adults left in positions of power understand that any misstep by either side will result in the bloodiest civil war in human history. And I say that having a very clear understanding of how fragile our prosperity is, and how easy it is to fall into all against all fighting for food and water.

We are going to have some sort of civil war, the outcome of which I suspect will be devolution of central powers to the states or regions, since this is the only means of preserving the military, retirement, and medical services, while cities, states, and regions determine their cultures, norms, and values. The principle change is that laws on permissible behavior and therefore citizenship will fragment into the old european model. After which the european experiment will follow suit.

I know, this ‘reformation’ will occur, because I’m going to make certain of it. And I’m going to make certain of it for the simple reason that the civil war will happen and a random outcome after millions are dead and the world descends into war, is far worse than an agreeable settlement.

Curt Doolittle

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