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By Tom McSweeny

The aristocrats come to understand that the world contains mechanisms of action between its elements AND that those mechanisms of action can be exploited. The masses, through lack of ability, ignorance and as victims of deceit see meanings and mysterious ways.

Management: Improve the quality of the parent > improve the quality of the parenting > improve the quality of the children. As we’ve seen recently, the parents are self-destructing (heads of states with no kids, mass expansion of underclass, importation of foreign underclass, genetic terrorism against their own, perpetuating ignorance regarding how the world works) and the parenting has gone seriously awry. The children suffer.

The Law stands above all classes and is upheld by eugenic classes for their mutual benefit and survival intergenerationally. Higher standards of parenting must be enforced for gains all around through time. At present, the village shaman is in a lot of trouble for his short-sighted advices.

We’re back to blacksmiths from earlier: the aristocrat organises the exploitation of every available avenue of the relationship between every element in the world for return on investment for kith and kin. Discovering and exploiting those mechanisms of action, we have our prized shamans, magicians, our blacksmiths, our discoverers, advisors to the king, explaining how the damn thing (the world) works.

Our kings lived and died with our people by how well they could map and exploit the world and its elements. The totality of it, when you think about how we started with casting bones to the many technical, replicable fields that have been mapped out, tested, engineered, combined, is truly staggering. Beautifully, marvellously staggering. And you, we, have our ancestors to thank for that.

From bones to spaceships. We come from a proud culture and it has every right to be such. Now the onus on us, the heroic challenge, can we, will we, be able to say ‘See me Odin’ (Watch this (gran)dad’)?

What you’ve done Curt, is bring together those who want to say Fuck yes.

Thanks Daniel and Curt.

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