Please Don’t Make Me Go There.

Look. I know what I am doing here but do you? I try to reach people the best that I can. I use locker room talk when I can. I weave narratives across disciplines to show patterns by repetition rather than drag you through all the analytical steps. I am extremely forgiving and tolerant of everyone other than trolls and antagonists. I care deeply about people – but not about protecting your (their) ignorance, errors, wishful-thinking, and excuses. My job is to use truth as a weapon to deprive the enemy of the abrahamic and feminine deceits forever. And that means zero tolerance for comforting falsehoods. The means political and religious and moral falsehoods.

There are people in this world who have some knowledge and skill, and are fairly bright. But I’m sorry to tell you that coming at me with your favorite excuse or justification is going to make me gently try to educate you. But if you get critical of me and play pilpul, critique, emoting, or trolling at some point I’m going to have to defend myself from your nonsense one way or the other.

People whose arguments are obviously dim I can just block. But if the common man who follows cannot determine if you’re an empty hat or not, I’m gonna go for increasingly painful hits to stop you.

So please don’t make me go there.


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