—“Who is driving social Marxism across the globe, and why?”—



—”Who is driving social Marxism across the globe, and why?”—-

If you mean Cultural Marxism, then that was the third generational failure of the Ashkenazi Jews:

1 – Labor Communism (Marx), Generation 1
2 – State Socialism (Trotsky/Lenin/Mao/(Many), Generation 2
3 – Academic Cultural Marxism (The Frankfurt School: Adorno et al.). Generation 3

4 – But upon the failure of all three the French supplied Postmodernism (Derrida, Foucault), and all the university, media, and state actors that had over-invested in the three generational failures of marxism converted to postmodernism.

Postmodernism states that there is no truth, no science, no reason, only power, and as such, by use of ideology, propaganda, academy, and media, the ‘Revolution’ against meritocracy (western civilization) can be achieved by the power of words and voting instead of by ideas, science, reason, and achievement.

It’s worth noting that The French (always europe’s enemy) had the most authoritarian government in Europe prior to its revolution, the most authoritarian after the revolution, and remains the most authoritarian in Europe today. With Rousseau providing the authoritarian arguments. Arguments that were first copied by the (timid) Germans, then the Rebellious Ashkenazis (Marxists). And horridly implemented by the Soviets, the Maoists, and the Cambodians. And still the cause of South American and Indian poverty.

5 – If we look at the chief propagandists in the west, it’s single women, immigrants, the lower middle class, lower class, underclass, and American jews. As always since American jews are superior competitors in verbal presentation, they provide a disproportionate influence in Entertainment, Entertainment Media, News, Pseudosciences, and Propaganda. (This is easily measured by random sampling of authors of daily propaganda.)

Note: Read Paul Fussel’s “Class” for an improvement on marxist class theory. It’s Fussel’s categories I refer to, because they roughly reflect (a) occupational hierarchy, (b) IQ hierarchy, and as such, they match the data.

One thing I did not expect was that while the majority of white americans are of german decent (not english), the germans are MUCH LESS likely to serve the country in the military, and the burden is HEAVILY born by the Anglo – Scotts-Irish demographics. Likewise, the Germans and the Puritans of New England are more likely to ‘defect’ into marxism, socialism, postmodernism, and the Scandinavians of the north central even more likely to defect.

Note: a friend counsels that the ‘defect’ has been on the continent forever, and goes back to Heraclitus. So the ‘defect’ we see in German Americans, if not all but anglo-scots-iris (southerners). And therefore the question is, what is this defect, and how do we name it operationally?


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