Truth? We Just Find Them Disgusting. So Just Say It.

—“The Leftist tendency is to conflate the Rightist Disgust response to various things as “phobias”. In other words, the Left confuses Disgust for Fear.”—

The right is just too well mannered to say:

“Actually it’s because we find your/their ____________ behavior disgusting and revolting because it is a genetic defect, and harmful to the tribe.”

I mean. Why can’t we just say that?

“You know, We don’t like dogs dragging their anuses on the carpet, or ___________ doing ________. Genetic defects are disgusting to us. And you’re advocating for genetic defects that are disgusting.

(We have a purity instinct. They don’t. Hence women’s fascination with the discussion of children’s bodily fluids and excrements.)

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