Fall Quotes

—“Debunking Paul Krugman is a little like beating up the special ed kid”– Joe Redtree

–“The Sanctuary Cities have already seceded from the government and actively violated the constitutional requirement for federal control of immigration and naturalization.”—CD

—“Calling someone a purity spiraler is the rights equivalent of calling someone a racist.”—Marie Woods

—“The non-Occidental world worshiped the moon while the Occidents walked on it.”— George Hobbs

—“In the absence of the talent of empathy for others one can only rely on empathy with the self. in the absence of education in natural law we are forced to rely on empathy. As in all things intuition does not scale beyond the trivial.”—

—“The cost of parasitism has been crashing for decades.”— Richard Nikoley

—“We just need to restore the family as the primary insurer such that people struggle to produce families as insurers rather than the state as an insurer with poor judgement.”—CD

—“The only sport left worth watching is politics, and sport left worth participating in is civil war.”—James Santagata

—“Identifying what question one attempts to answer distinguishes the meaningful from the truthful and why these are not always interchangeable.”— Bill Joslin



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