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—“Curt when you say ‘productive’ what do you mean?”— Eric Orwoll.

Anything that is not unproductive. For example, blackmail does not increase any form of capital – it is voluntary but parasitic.

In economics if the returns on an opportunity cost of a transaction is greater than the returns on the next most preferable opportunity cost (holding the good, service, or information), then it is unproductive.

This is a bit difficult for most people to deal with because it consists almost entirely of via-negativa logic.

So we just measure changes to property in toto and ask if it is negative or positive.
If it is positive it doesn’t matter if it’s voluntary.
If it’s negative it’s very hard to imagine that it was voluntary.
And it’s just as hard to demonstrate the counter to that statement as it is to counter the premise of rational action.
When all else false demonstrated behavior is what it is: evidence of involuntary transfer.

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