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Their technique consists of false promise, baiting in to moral hazard, pilpul, critique, and profiting from capture of hazards, and capitalizing those captures as systems of rents. It’s not just usury. Usury is the most common example of baiting into hazard. Instead, it’s every possible means of baiting into hazard, defending this bait by pilpul and crique, profiting from the hazard – both private and public – then taking the accumulated capital and seeking rents against the population until they revolt and prosecute their revenge. … There is a reason this technique works with high trust europeans but not elsewhere. There is a reason it works with women and underclasses but not established men. Because our democracy makes us vulnerable to false promise, and the underclasses are easily baited by false promise, we are tolerant of meritocracy until too late. Worse, it is easiest to exploit our social order of MARKETS and LAGGING legal codes in defense of those markets and our people. And lagging technology for replacing each of the means of parasitism: financial, commercial, educational, informational, political, social, normative, and traditional.

It ends now.

De-financialization, De-politicization, De-distinformationalization, and restoration of our eugenic group evolutionary strategy in our own self interest.

It’s easy.

The law. The most intolerant law ever made.

With the law we make the extirpation of parasites a for-profit business for every citizen of character


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