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—“While we’re on this. Wasn’t that one of Hiedegger’s points all along, too? Every philosopher after Plato and Aristotle, according to him, had gone in the wrong direction. Into the realm of proof, not truth or as Curt Doolittle said before, into the realm of mathematical operations, which is tautological by virtue. They called him a Nazi and proceeded to misinterpret and obfuscate his thoughts into the post-modern milieu. Am I off base here, or what?”— Gabriel Schmeiske Laport

First: Congratulations, that’s very smart. And correct. “Mathiness” was a f–king curse we are still trying to get over. Just like christianity is a curse we are still trying to get over.

Second: No. Heidegger and Hegel are not wrong in many of their assertions and observations (particularly hegel) they are just trying to solve the wrong problem by retaining german phenomenalism and retaining conflation of experience and existence. Heidegger tries to complete this project by reversing existence and experience. And thus heidegger brought the phenomenalist project to a dead end, just as frege kripke at all brought the anglo analytic project to a dead end. The problem is NOBODY UNDERSTANDS THEY WERE DEAD FUCKING ENDS… lol.

The Ango model is superior for the aristocracy and upper middle class, it certainly appears that the Germans are optimum for pedagogy and the working classes. And it increasingly appears that the christians (italians basically) are optimum for the underclasses.

And I cannot …

(God damn. f—k!! Dammit!!!!!!)

…find a way around this problem other than the traditional ‘teach them what you can and take them to their limits, with the law constraining each’.

It’s obvious but I don’t want to admit it is the only solution.

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