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I don’t know what a metaphysics is if I have constructed one. I know I have deflated and disambiguated LANGUAGE.

  1. I have enumerated the known grammars used by human beings and the history of their development in each era and why.
  2. I have articulated the dimensions of those grammars and how they all function.
  3. I have articulated the constitution of grammars although this is merely a refinement of chomsky.
  4. I have deflated disambiguated, operationalized, and serialized terms from across the fields, reducing all fields to a common vocabulary absent pretense of knowledge (largely idealism).

And a lot more.

Physical science, cognitive science, and if grammars are separate from cognitive science then the grammars, and as far as I know the rest is just ‘lies’.

As far as I know philosophy is dead, just as theology is dead.

There is only one testifiable method we have today (and have always had) and that is the law, and science is just an application of the law (due diligence and warranty of the truthfulness of one’s statements.)

So as far as I know metaphysics as defined in every source I know of (which includes the SEP section 5, stating it does not exist) does not exist as other than an attempt to do as I stated above: fictionalism and lies.

In other words, as far as I know P constitutes a logic of constant relations using actions which are all subjectively testable and marginally indifferent as a system of measurement.

And language consists entirely of measurement. the question is only the precision of those measurements.

Science has demonstrated parsimony.

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