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—“Have you read Alfred Rosenberg’s “The Myth of the 20th Century”? If so, what’s your opinion?”— A Friend

It’s in my reading list. I have come to the same conclusion (although I didn’t know of this but until a year or two ago). I agree with it entirely. My understanding of the cycles of history is similar. I consider Mein Kampf and MT20C required reading for this reason. And if I could find someone to teach MK, MT20C, MacDonald, Goldberg (The Fatal Embrace), by emphasis on these cycles of history and the Conflict of Civilizations, then I would do so. I think the war between semites and europeans continues unabated, and that while we held them off for 1500 years, reasonably well, their chances of winning by population replacement are still significant.

The problem is separating the story of history, the problem itself, from the nazi ideology – which was possible at a certain time and place but such ‘ideology’ no longer has rather ignorant folk one generation from the fields to take root in.

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