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—“Rewriting the Bible with Propertarian language in line with truth and the natural law of reciprocity would instantly create the religion that many keep demanding of you without any sacrifice in terms of what direction propertarianism would carry the country and by extension the world. The re-domestication of Christians would be a net positive for everyone.”—

That is VERY FKING SMART. Never occurred to me. I think in terms of writing the law. A ‘law book’. But you know the influence such a bible would have would be … well…wow Completing jefferson’s project. I think you just solved my last problem. dammit. I hate it when the answer is in my face

—“I know the religious problem is difficult because there is so much convoluted language involved. Itâ??s tough to sort out meaning but this could actually be to the advantage of Propertarianism. Now that your sights are on it youâ??ll be able to sort it out even better than me because of your mastery in scientific language.”—

I think… I think we could create a sort of wiki and do a paragraph by paragraph translation and combine the repetitive stories into one… hmmm…. yep. I’ve re-written two – cain and abel, and the garden of eden, but the whole book can be done?

“In the beginning…” becomes an opportunity for comparative religion, and the opportunity to herald christianity…hmm…

—“Exactly! Itâ??s really brilliant and I think it is precisely what is needed to â??lift the vailâ? from the eyes of the western world.
Iâ??ll see if I can make time this week to write up a sample to submit for your analysis.”—

We write the Law (rome) rewrite Aristotle(greece), and Rewrite the Bible (byzantium) and … well, you know, that sort of unites Germania, Rome, Athens, Byzantium, jerusalem, Mesopotamia and Persia. hmm… even india. Even china….

Ugh.. Like I don’t have enough work to do…. sigh.

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