It’s Not Racism, It’s Self Defense.


1) I have watched black and brown people turn once beautiful places into shit-holes one neighborhood, one city, one state at a time – a slow moving generation by generation cancer that destroys civilization.

2) Failure to take responsibility for and enact change in their communities that saturate our civilization with pervasive ignorance, illiteracy, impulsivity, single motherhood, failure to defend and improve the commons, overloading our streets,  our schools, our malls, our civic places with roving packs of opportunistic, impulsive, loud, rude, dirty, disrespectful, predators and parasites, practicing endemic violence and criminality.

3) The behavior of the present two generations of blacks against whites in schools, in public, in the media, including the knockout game, gang-beating random whites, and the excessive and intolerable disproportionality of black on white crime.

4) The daily expression of hatred of whites, demands for reparations, and blame of whites for what is clearly a community failure to reform itself.

5) Blacks and browns voting for and empowering the left that by pandering to the black-and-brown industrialization of victimhood does nothing except perpetuate their condition as slaves-to-leftist-power that is an organized pre-and-postwar attempt to destroy white civilization,

6) The body of evidence that the genetic, cultural, and demographic ability of the black and brown people is insufficient to compete on the world marketplace – and are dragging the white people down to their level.

7) The infection of the white underclass that we had spent centuries reforming with black-brown culture of impulsivity, disrespect, hatred, and criminality. 

8) The evidence of south Africa – once allowed to into white society, black and brown kill the white people that make their existence as other than dirt scratching semi-domesticated animals possible – and we get daily threats that this is our future.

9) The daily evidence that we are simply incompatible and that proximity creates envy on your side, and disgust on our side, and we simply must give up the experiment and separate.

10) You have done precisely what our ancestors predicted you would, and they were right to separate from you.  They were too kind to ship  you all back to Africa – and by not doing so committed yet another common white crime of excessive tolerance that must eventually result in far worse corrective action.

And so:

You can have your slums and favelas and you can turn your cities into more Johannesburgs. But we must save ourselves, and by saving ourselves, save the future of mankind, from you and those that enable your impulsivity, reproductivity, violence, criminality, and failure to reform your community. 

Really. I don’t hate anyone. We don’t hate you. But if we no longer have the stomach to  exterminate, no longer the stomach to conquer and rule, no longer the stomach to genetically pacify and culturally domesticate black and brown people as the Chinese do, then in self defense the only choice is separation from you. 

We spent four hundred years trying to drag mankind out of superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, hunger, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, under the ‘white man’s burden’ which we saw as god’s command to raise you out of barbarism – and you live lives no peoples in history would not envy, and every one of  you hates us for it. 

You are genetic and cultural cancer on mankind. We’ve had enough. We agree to separate. And leave you behind. Or war to the vary last.  It’s not hate. It’s disgust, frustration, and self defense. And this is an opportunity for our undesirable white people to separate with you – our genetic parting gift.  We wish you well. We just wish you well separate from us.

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