Black Problems in America are fixable – and Easily – But Only With Truth before Face: No more lies.


1) It’s obvious how little understanding of both economics (returns on time), and the use of economic reasoning (Gary Becker) for understanding psychological and sociological questions. If you don’t understand rule of law, how European thought differs from the rest of the world because of our long history of rule of law, or that economics is the logic of measurement of our success or failure at rule of law of natural law, then you won’t understand why Europeans were so successful in a few centuries in the bronze, iron, and steel ages at dragging mankind out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, starvation, disease, and violence – more so than all other civilizations combined.

2) The decline in European ‘sensemaking’, or ‘European empirical and rational thought’ is evidence in the generational differences in this roundtable. It’s painfully obvious that the loss in European sense-making (decidability) is generational and a result of the anti-empirical (pseudoscientific) movement in the academy. The older two parties in this discussion are the most deflationary and empirical, and the younger the least (and of course this tends to be the case whenever you add women to a conversation), Although ( I don’t know the name of the man in the bottom right but he’s very talented).

1) Instead of driving people to European rule of law independent of race, culture, and background, Brett Weinstein is trying to drive the conversation to demand a Jewish model of identity from another polity, when Jewish separatist identity and sense-making, and poly-logical ethics, is what is the source of Jewish prosecution throughout history.

The Jewish model of thought is the origin of the left’s model of thought, and it’s foundation as the denial of physical laws (scarcity, entropy), natural laws (a division of labor, and reciprocity), and evolutionary laws (self-domestication, and preventing regression to the mean), and a narrative tradition of blaming others’ adaption to those laws as ‘oppression’ rather than ‘necessary domestication’.

So, he’s claiming a) peoples were oppressed rather than domesticated, b) that scarcity is hoarded or solvable (one of the three false promises of the left). c) that man isn’t marginally different in the possibility of survival in a market civilization under continuous selection pressure as demand for ability increases in proportion to productivity, d) that different rates of maturity produce differences in agency, higher dominance expression in the absence of achievement by merit, and differences intolerance for conformity because of those instincts, and e) the primary difference between races is that humans ALWAYS demonstrate ingroup preference in all walks of life, but that our demographic distributions vary widely from ashkenazi, east asians, western europeans, caucasians, iranics, semitics (afro-asiatics), indo-iranians, Subsaharan africa and the pacifics. Whites and east asians killed off their lower classes in great numbers. They didn’t evolve superiorities. Europeans did it by manorialism, and chinese did it through credit and beheading. The credit method of the Chinese is doing it to American whites today.

2) Demand for reparations will simply force white disenfranchised to claim that the cause of their condition is the use of black people by the left to undermine our rule of law, our economy, and our norms and traditions – and they will (they are already) demanding reparations from blacks (and soon from jews) for damage to cities, culture, politics, rule of law, and civilizations. Most of us know that this present crisis is a result of the postwar Jewish socialist movement to resist integration and to force the issue by using blacks as lever. We know that the 60’s were orchestrated by them, including black relocation that destroyed the black family. That this movement evolved from Marxism (class disharmony), to cultural marxism (social disharmony), to Derrida’s postmodernism (social construction of deceit) for identity disharmony, to Friedan anti-male destruction fo family by creating disharmony.

2) Had segregation maintained in place, the black community would have continued to form its own elites, it’s own capital, its own middle class, it’s now ethics, and themselves to congratulate for it, and because ‘white behavior’ is just ‘high trust, everyone is a customer, commercial behavior, under rule of law’. When, because white rule of law and commerce doesn’t care about your color, only that the commons is an extension of the court, the church, and commerce, and NOT an extension of your living room, lawn, or neighborhood – which is what annoys white people most of all – black’s continuous disrespect for the commons. The problem would have solved itself out of natural self-interests on the part of all parties. So instead of continuing the path to integration into an advanced, rule of law, commercial, commons-producing, high trust, high-self regulation, polity and the rewards that come from it, the black community was baited by the Jewish left into self-destruction and continues to wallow in it, while white people just wish black people ‘would behave like civilized people’. Training a subpopulation takes about three to four generations. And by buying into the Jewish attempt to bring the bolshevism of Russia to the USA the black community was defeated and used to undermine our nation because it undermined our demand for integration into those commercial norms.

3) Solving the behavioral problem requires black elites, capital, and polities where black people can earn self-respect despite evolutionary differences in our rates and depts of maturity. Solving the economic problem requires the same so that whites don’t drive up local prices and keep blacks in a permanent underclass.

We are not going to be able to deny the reality that about half the black population is all but unemployable except in low-status jobs that confirm their position in the social and political hierarchy. And we cannot deny that this problem will only accelerate as technology continues its downward pressure on wages. and as the world economy continues erasing western technological, financial, economic, and military, advantage.

In fact, the only advantage white people have today is their rule of law and their high trust commons. That’s it. The rest has been redistributed to the world. Hence the white nationalist movement to protect the only asset that provides us a competitive advantage: A gorgeous, peaceful, demanding, high trust commons reduces demand for private production and income. Instead of having to produce income to consume, whites determined how to produce commons that could be shared – at the cost of developing far higher self-control.

And it is these commons that others want to join as much as the economy that results from them. But every single individual from every group that fails to integrate destroys the ability to produce and maintain those commons.

So… we have an integration problem. That’s the problem.

The postwar Jewish attempt to end European soft eugenics using markets, to end forced integration so that Jews didn’t have to integrate, to create the myth of a multicultural society rather than one of continuous integration, to use blacks to provoke moral hazard from whites, destroy integration, destroy the civilization by immigration, and to destroy the black community as a means of destroying western civilization caused this set of consequences.

It’s not hard to fix the present problems. These problems are fixable. It’s not hard to correct it for all of us – If we stop lying about it. So, no more lies. Truth before face. Truth regardless of the costs. Prosecution of those who bait us into hazard with false promises.

We either fix it or we enter the second dark age created by false promise.

We have to end the great lies of the Jewish left: the nature of man, the malleability of man, the potential of man, the false promise of unlimited growth as the end of scarcity, and the false promise that man is oppressed, and the generation of hatred European people as a proxy for hating god, under the lie that the laws of nature and nature’s god are European man’s design, rather than European man’s discovery and application.

The discovery and application of those laws which produced all those benefits which mankind envies – and why Europeans have dragged undomesticated animal man of all races, out of ignorance superstition, poverty, hard labor, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, continuous violence and warfare, and the victimization by nature in a brief period of geological, solar, and galactic peace – which appears to be singular rarity in our galaxy. No more lies.

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