The Future of Mankind Is Decided Right Now. This Year, Next Year.

—“Which is something you have to do when you’re managing with “the population you have, not the one you want””—Moritz Bierling

Its a fight between forces of hierarchy and kinship in correspondence with reality versus a fight for equality and

—“So it really is a fight between civicism and religion for supremacy”—Moritz Bierling

I didn’t make the connection clear, sorry.

The people you have (biological, behavioral) and the people you have (knowledge, understanding, values) are not the same criteria. Governing with the people you have (incentives, constant) is a question of possibility, and governing with the people you have (education) is merely a question of costs and externalities. we can continue to kick the can down the road and NOT produce a ‘bible’ of western civilization, that would solve the problem or we can solve the problem despite its cost, in a period where there is high demand for the solution to the problem.

Civicism, localism, nationalism, evolution, competition vs religion, universalism, globalism, devolution, corruption.

Al these problems are the same source: easy female dysgenic and boil the frog vs hard male eugenic and transcend. Our intuitions are to not pay the cost of adaptation. We have to pay that cost and train people to pay that cost without stress. Only Europeans did it. How can we evolve our concepts, norms, traditions, institutions, so that we continue to evolve man rather than regress? We know now. The problem is solvable. but it is only solvable if we win the war against the female dysgenic intuition by either conquest or separation and competitive evolution. Of those two separation is the most beneficial and the fastest since we get rid of our own.

It’s not like we have an infinite amount of time. The frequency of geological events capable of wiping out humans is higher than the frequency of climate variations. The frequency of astronomic events is lower, but it’s still continuous.

The future of mankind is decided right now. this year, next year.

A few more years and its over. there are no ‘undiscovered countries’ with reserves of ability remaining. We have exploited the pool of humans as thoroughly as exploiting the world’s resources.

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