The Problem of Critical Mass Necessary to Organize Victory


WN= Local and rejects others, a claim of injustice in the face of opposition that says we are unjust ourselves.

Ethnonationalism = Global and helps others, and is a claim of moral righteousness for all people solving the parasitism upon all people by the world elites.

1 – sovereignty and self-determination is a global strategy to defeat cosmopolitan globalism that like monotheism seeks to deprive us of our identities and self-determination producing regressive results we have seen across time. globalism is dysgenic and devolutionary and produces a small number of elites, maximizes parasitic bureaucracy, and vast power difference, that forces people into tribalism, then to familism, and the non-production of trust and commons.

2 – ethnonationalism, especially in small homogenous states, is the optimum social and political order because it limits conflict and competition within, favors investments in commons within while providing national adaptation to markets externally.

3 – Europeanism, in Rule of law of Natura Law is a statement of science, that Europeans discovered the optimum order but had to pay high self-discipline costs for it, converting the entire society to a military family the way east Asians did a bureaucratic family.

4 – Ethnic Europeans have the same natural right to self-determination and self-government as all peoples. There is no value to political scale. and the Jewish and globalist effort is to create globalist scale to deprive ethnic groups of self-determination.

5 – My mission is to fight for self-determination, custom commons and continuous evolution of all people so that they no longer suffer under (comforting) false promises and deceits. No more lies means no more poverty being left behind and suffering.

“Truth is enough.”, “self-determination”, “Leave Eachother Alone”, “we want to be left alone”

Those five points sell.


1 – NS is a hateful position for producing authoritarianism not rule of law, and simply repeating past problems and failures. It’s worse than colonialism because historically it says harm other people.

2 – WN is a selfish position that has no plan and is unactionable, and will cause the world to rebel against it. It’s a superiority claim, because it to everyone else means a return to European colonialism and warfare, not ‘leave us alone’.

3 – EN is a moral position – a moral high ground. self-determination is. the science of it is.

4 – Patriotism is a moral and empirical position, to serve the near-religious nature of our constitution as natural law 0 which is effectively both a scientific, legal, and religous(divine) document. This is a bravery movement. A heroic one.

5 – CivNat (under Europeanism) is just cowardice in the face of the enemy, that leaves the door open for incrementalism that the left excels at. It’s a virtue-signaling position. It’s just choosing slow suicide in exchange for maintaining the status quo.

6 – Xianity is universalist, not nationalist. It’s a globalist program. Loyalty to faith before people, before nation, is just a demand that real men do the historical work of the martial aristocracy and defense while xians stay home and maintain house. “Xianity was given to man to tolerate god’s laws, and the aristocracy’s imposition of them until those who were to week and meek, could be evolved into aristocracy and follow God’s laws as well. Xianity is therapy for agrarian peasants that has become an addiction and failed to modernize now that almost none of us are self-sustaining farmers, in the hard work of farming.


The problem is policing low agency and boys in WN, NS from satisfying their frustration by dominance expression that is self-defeating. And instead, getting them on mission so that they feel empowered by inclusion in a plan of action rather than rebelling in small easily defeated teams where they feel they have dominance expression and control.

Organization is the problem. And the only legitimacy that will unite the factors into organization is critical mass and a plan, so that each faction doesn’t stay mired in spinning in search of agency and wins that cannot be achieved without large numbers.

So critical mass is the problem that prevents organization.

So critical mass requires something actionable and believable.

I know what to do, but we need a political leader that doesn’t need to hide behind a mask or helmet to make it happen.

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