Show Up

—“curt doolittle has no business in pulic. leave him in a basement writing code.autists that shit the bed and wet themselves and in some kind of bizzaro world virtue signal they love blg black cock need to be shut away for all eternitity . no redemption arc”—Sean Emm

We showed up. We delivered our speech. We had and survived a conflict. We did something. We broke the fourth wall.

What did you do? Sit on your a–? Issue demands to better men? Fall for the left’s tactic of dividing us by appealing to your unearned Virtue signals – your ‘white privilege’? The false belief that you matter to anyone or anything?

We succeeded. You made us fail to satisfy your desire to live through the actions of better men. Look up “vicariousness” because that’s you. “People who don’t show, live through others, and complain that others didn’t satisfy them.” You’re no different from sports fans who get their self-image from pretending they’re athletes while drinking beer in the stands. You’re no different from Christians who get their self-image from pretending they’re virtuous without doing daily acts of personal charity. You’re cowards of the couch. Worthless. Even worthless in saving yourselves.

You were dumb enough to fall for the left’s optics. You have no political representation, no intellectual representation, no forum for discourse, no leadership, no organization, and you don’t have women, children, assets, careers, futures a country, and you’re even losing your religion and civilization because you’re too stupid to compete for women, business, industry, economics, politics – and it sure appears that you’re too stupid for revolution and war necessary to keep your country and religion.

Even when you do fight you posture and ‘present’ like apes from 2001 a space odyssey while the left picks you off one by one as we just saw yet again in Michigan yesterday.

You know why? You think you know better. You think you’re more virtuous. You think you have intrinsic value rather than producing value by action. And do you know where that vast evil lie of intrinsic value came from? I do. It wasn’t Aryanism.

So stay in your basements, while your women abandon you, you are economically abandoned, politically abandoned, Intellectually abandoned, lose your country, lose your religion, and lose your civilization … because you’re too stupid, too arrogan in your ignorance, too full of false and unearnd pride, for anything else.

The left will always win optics wars because they are natural liars. The only way to defeat the left and their mastery of organization and optics is to imitate Gandhi (what we did) – the most effective negative reinforcement is to ignore, and if you can’t ignore then to deescalate, and to deescalate by agreeing with words in person, while pursuing opposing ends in politics.

1 – The Europeans had the optimum group strategy
2 – The English had a technology of rule
3 – The Founders had a political solution
4 – Mao had a military solution
5 – ISIS had a funding solution
6 – Gandhi had a ‘disarm the enemy and state’ solution

The only way to win is to show up in large enough numbers that the state and the enemy can no longer ignore. Otherwise the technique of incremental raiding of conservative men who requre leadership and formation, will fail.

Learn something. And meanwhile I’ll continue to try to find that 1 in 1000 that’s worth more staying home in the basement.

And stay home like you did the last time while we have our next event. You can’t contribute anyway. You’re dead weight.

I’m going to be fine if you fail. The worst that happens to me is that I go back to creating another fortune while you continue to get a– r–ed by the left. I get nothing good out of doing this work. Nothing. It was a labor of love for my people. And you even sh-t on that. Because that’s all you are: sh-t. And it’s not an opinion. It’s the evidence. You’re the ‘unwanted, and left behind.’

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