WN WS NS Violence Doesn’t Work


What is achieved by this petty violence? Nitwits vicariously live thru better men? But the political consequence is putting our side on par with the opposition. (Fail)

What’s our strategy instead? Stay on message, Stay positive, Show ‘understanding’, Commiserate, Blame the State and Financial Sector, Say the Problem is mutual and solvable. De-escalate. Force the enemy to escalate irrationally.

“If india had been a french colony, Gandhi would never have been an old man”–Mao.

But america isn’t a french colony – it’s a british one. The strategy will work over and over again. And yours will fail.

What you want is what will fail.

You have to win. And winning means defeating the left’s optics as the moral high ground. NOT satisfying the right’s demand for optics in superior violence.

The fact that you don’t get that and can’t even grasp it means you’re just an animal, not a rational human.

A minority can show up, carry arms, and stay on a positive message. That will create political power. A minority cannot show up, carry arms, let the left take the moral high ground, and get their asses beaten by the left.

Optics are for the enemy. If you need optics of our own you will fail.


Winning only matters to the bottom two thirds. The top third do fine. So all this revolution and reformation is in the interest of the bottom two thirds – not the upper third.

—“Aurelian Moondog All that talk of violence and national divorce/civil war but I reckon that’s relegated to the plebs who aren’t worthy of sucking the same air that fuels your genius lack of results”— Moron

That’s a rather stupid statement (as expected) right? Because who benefits other than plebs? Who has the numbers other than plebs? I mean, for the rest of us, especially for the upper 1%, we will prosper just fine no matter what.

I’d much rather write and generate wealth than work in the intersts of you ungrateful losers of the genetic lottery.

On the other hand there are good (and silent) people that are worthy of sacrifice.

The problem is that the bottom can’t lead. Brawls are random. Formations are not. Formations require talent and leaders and bullhorns or at least strong voices.


You see what happened in Stone Mountain? Watch the video. Proud boys got owned. Why? (a) body weight, (c) control rather than maneuver (b) defensive rather than offensive (d) failure to dedicate some men to video to capture and control optics. (e) failure to bait the enemy into error (f) failure to promote a positive and constructive message.

What is the standard strategy? Just what revolutionaries, police, and military do around the world: act like predators not prey.
1 – Defensive: Stay in motion. Hold a line, part, pull one inside, ‘finish him off’, repeat. Keep tempo.
2 – Offensive: Stay in motion, press the line. Lead with Mace. Snatch anyone vulnerable, fall back and pull with you. Close the line. Keep Tempo. Pick them off. Bring lots of mace.
3 – Aggressive: Use lots of smoke, target press, video, camera first. Retreat quickly in formation to cause the enemy to separate, or Flank and divide a small number the enemy, or Molotov behind the enemy. Rush the exposed or distracted. Grab some, finish them off, and continue to divide and conquer. Keep tempo. Win incrementally.

Use escalation of mace, brass knuckles, punch knives in both hands, bayonets if possible, and be willing to pull the trigger to hold onto your weapon. And, if anyone pulls the trigger, then EVERYONE pulls the trigger – and don’t stop.

The left is motivated, is passionate, isn’t moral, isn’t scared, and thinks they can win.


Headline: “BLM, Antifa Overwhelm Armed White Racists in Stone Mountain, GA.”

So 3% got owned and once again, were forced into the moral low ground.

Look at the right getting owned:

Chaos and VIOLENCE as ‘Confederates’ and Antifa GO TO WAR at Stone Mountain

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