That’s the demarcation between European and Semitic civilization. A Semitic religion of the primacy of god versus a European religion of the primacy of man.

It’s not like you have a choice in the matter, or if it’s an opinion. Jews made and brought Christianity into the empire with the primacy of god over the primacy of man.

Now, given the behavior of Nero et all at the time it made sense. That does not alter the fact that jews used the primacy of God and the primacy of THEIR god, as a means of denying the primacy of man, and the primacy of reality, and the joy of life in reality practiced by European man, rather than the hatred of life in the present and promise of joy in the afterlife of the jews.

Everything was done in order to justify and provide incentives.
Everything is explicable in natural law.
Man lies to claim moral his strategy.
It’s not complicated.

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