A Concatenation of Micro Posts

1 – My take on history is slightly different, which you’ll see as I publish the next few sets of pieces. That take is correct: European civilization consisted of the holy roman empire of greater Germania, and the innovations that occurred on the fringes of it in Italy, France, England, Scandinavia, and poland. European civilization is taught backward. Just as the world is the victim of the heartland of the steppe, europe is the product of the hearland of germany. Just why this is the case is very interesting. France is second in despotism only to Rome, who she imitated enviously and still tries to. Meanwhile, it was germany that created europe in a thousand tiny nations constantly competing. It was lotharyngian core as a trade route to the north sea, and the north sea after 1000 ad that spread outward. And the age of the atlantic only mattered to EUROPE after the muslim blockade caused the europeans to open world trade in the age of exploration.
2 – Europeanism is the philosophy of fathers, warriors, headmen, kings, emperors and yes, gods, seeking to transform their family, band, tribe, nation, and race into peerage: gods as well. Christianity made it tolerable for the 85% = the peasantry, to survive the ride. But without agrarianism to rule, or manorialism to domesticate, we are reverting rapidly to dysgenia, and reversing five thousand years of evolutionary rapidity to justify democracy. When we should only justify rule of law, by the laws of this universe: physical, cooperative (natural), and evolutionary – as we all seek to defeat the red queen at all stages: local, civilization all, global, solar, galactic, and universal.
3 – Like Hegel in Continental (German) secular theology, all roads of anglo scientific rationalism will end with Propertarianism. Deal with it. I did. I don’t even like it. I don’t want the responsibility. It is what it is.
4 – There isn’t anyone else proposing anything else.
And there won’t be.
5 – —“I read Kevin Macdonald – haven’t been the same since.”—
Says everyone who’s ever read Kevin MacDonald.
Read Victor Davis Hanson (classical history), Read Buchanan (recent history), MacDonald (Jewish intellectuals, european uniqueness), Duchesne(The History of Thought, european uniqueness), Hicks (Postmodernism), and Doolittle (logic, law, economics, eugenics). And at least DTGTF from Hoppe so you understand why ‘monarchy’, and reduce my workload at convincing you.

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