The Comforting False Promise: —”Curt: Why do many people still believe in communism even though it has been proven throughout history that it does not work?”—


—”Why do many people still believe in communism even though it has been proven throughout history that it does not work?”—

Short answer? Why do people believe in judaism, christianity, islam, hinduism, buddhism, new age occultism, rather than practice philosophy, stoicism, and epicureanism all of which are true?

The cheap, easy, false promises, that use empathic communities as a means of sedation.

Why do people believe in communism, socialism, democracy, libertarianism, or anarchism?

The cheap easy false promise of freedom from whatever scarcity that they face, where that scarcity is self-determination (power), by the eradication of competitors.

The only successful method of eliminating competitors is Islam and it comes at the cost of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, dysgenia, disease, suffering, and victimization by the vicissitudes of nature. We are only equal in poverty and powerlessness (slavery).

The Complete Answer

Cooperation is more productive than any and all alternatives, and the greater the division of labor the more so. Any life form that cooperates (using volition) must maintain consistency with physical laws if it will not go extinct, or lose the incentive to cooperate:

(a) Acquisitiveness (all life forms). We evolved to acquire. The greatest returns in the shortest time, at the least cost, with the lowest risk, and greatest certainty. All human behavior can be restated as acquisition. This is why economics has evolved into the language of social science as well as psychology – and why the left avoids it at all costs.

(b) Judgements choices of returns on cooperation (judging opportunity costs)

(c) Reciprocity: whether we both benefit or lose, or whether benefits and losses are asymmetrical – according to each individual’s measure.

(d) Accounting of Debts (what we owe others) and Credits (what others owe us).

(e) Punishment by Killing of, Ostracization of, Punishment of, and even costly altruistic punishment of predators, parasites, deceivers, cheaters, discounters (laziness), free riders, frauds, those who privatize commons or socialize losses, those who engage in conspiracy, sedition, or treason.

(f) Within the limits of Proportionality – Incentive to Defect. This maintains the equilibrium of the cooperative and physical worlds.

(g) Mediated by the value of Kin Selection (Tolerance for cost-bearing decreases with genetic distance).

All our moral intuitions are governed by those rules of cooperation. They have to be because **those rules are necessary for evolutionary survival of any cooperative species in competition with others -** especially one with a large brain that is eleven times as costly as muscle of the same weight.

And likewise, just as those natural laws of cooperation are dependent upon the physical (material) laws of the universe, they are also dependent upon the evolutionary laws of the universe: accumulation of **genetic load, regression to the mean, the red queen of superior competitors, and the window of time** available for a costly species to evolve. Those factors lead to what we consider the classes, which constitute a range of sexually, socially, productively, politically, and militarily low to high market (evolutionary) values, in which some are born with every advantage and some with every disadvantage and everyone in between. As the division of labor increases along with the population, ( … ) 

The Abrahamic Method of Deceit, whether:

… (a) in **Supernatural** form (Judaism, Christianity, or Islam), or
… (b) in a **pseudoscientific** form (Marxism, Boasianism, Freudianism ), or
… (c) as Social construction of **Undermining** (the Frankfurt neo-Marxist school), or
… (d) as **Sophistry** (Postmodernism), or
… (e) as Science **Denial** (HBD denial, Genetic Determinism Denial, Sex Difference Denial, IQ **Denial**, Personality Trait Denial, or, and yes, class, subrace, and race difference denial)

All rely on three **false promises**:

(a) the false promise of freedom from **scarcity** (violation of physical law),
(b) the false promise of freedom from **reciprocity** (the natural law of cooperation),
(c) the false promise of freedom from **evolution** (dysgenia, genetic load, regression to the mean, and and therefore class (sexual, social, economic, political, military, and strategic market value);

Using one or more of the possible methods of human deception:

(a) the fictionalism of **magic**->pseudoscience->pseudomathmatics
(b) the fictionalism of **sophistry**->idealism->supernormalism
(c) the fictionalism of **occult**->supernatural->theological
(d) the fiction **loading**, framing, suggestin, obscuring -> fictionalizing -> lying.
(e) critique(undermining) -> Avoidance (GSRRM) -> **Denial**

In order to achieve **POWER**. In order to reverse the Darwinian Revolution and the 4500 years of european and Chinese (Han, Korean, Japanese) Eugenics as the explanation for vast differences in civilizational progress. Where priests, politicians, financiers, and others can parasitically depend upon revenue of a permanent ignorant, subservient underclass (think medieval and ancient world peasants).

So people want what they want, in particular what they want is freedom from the reality of the genetic status and the consequences of it. And they hope or want the false promise that it is possible to defeat scarcity (physical laws), incentives (natural laws), and reproductive competition (evolutionary pressure) in this world rather than an afterlife.

And why is it possible for them to hold these false beliefs when we control the education system and we are capable of teaching basic contract law (ethics of cooperation), basic micro economics (ethics of cooperation), basic macro economics (world equilibration of prices and trade), and eugenics (why europeans alone discovered the sciences, and why europeans and east asians alone discovered reason, and even if the east asians fell behind after 1000ad. (not 1400)


In other words, the left thought leadership used three generations of lies in the ancient world, and three generations of lies in the modern world, to destroy civilizations that practiced eugenics, by selling the promise of freedom from being ‘left behind’ in the ancient world with the promise of life after death, and promise of freedom from being ‘left behind’ in the modern world with the promise of equality after the revolution.

All leftism is predicated on three false promises (lies), which cannot deliver such freedom but whose purpose it is to destroy advanced civilizations.

This is how Islam has reduced everything it touches to ignorance, poverty, disease, suffering, and dysgenia, while destroying the arts, letters, culture, knowledge, of each great civilization it reduces to ashes.

Marxism, Neomarxism, Postmodernism, and “Denialism” are just revolts against the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe and leftists cast Europeans (and Chinese if they can) as oppressors who invented these rules, rather than liberators who discover them, adapt to them, and apply them, thereby dragging mankind out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, hard labor, disease, and early mortality at the cost of suppression of the reproduction of the bottom third.
The fact that both Europeans and Chinese practiced manorialism (systemic, institutionalized eugenics) accounts for the vast difference in european and east Asian neoteny, lower violence, lower impulsivity, superior distribution of primary personality traits (IQ, Consietiousness), and Agency(self-regulation).

Any people can copy this group strategy. The Marxists do the opposite. They applaud and encourage decivilzation and dysgenia with the myth of oppression rather than continuous human domestication.

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