The Evidence

I understand brother. I do. But the evidence is that the word of God is written in the fabric of the universe, in the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.

He speaks in truth, in the only languages of truth, in those languages in which it is impossible to lie: in mathematics, and computation, of new designs, by continuous trial and error, as he first, life second, and we third on his behalf, create Garden, Eden, and the Heavens, by his laws, his promise, and his command.

All other words of God are written in the language of man, and not in the language of God. And man is a liar whether by his design, or wishful thinking, or folly.

And so I must follow the command of God, written in his hand, free of the ignorance error and deceit of earlier man. So that we pass this crisis of the present, and thru the great filter before us, and raise ourselves into gods as well, before the sands of time run out, and bring about the extinction of man.

Not because I wish to, or because of arrogance, but because no man or messenger has come to save us.

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