The Solution to The Great Sort of The 21 St Century?

The future increase in selection pressure by intelligence is not a hard problem to solve at all.

1 – Groups divide by kinship interest, 2 – Elites for each group compete for and evolve their group. 3 – Limit bottom reproduction until marginal differences between groups are eliminated.

What’s the worst? Collecting the brightest in one polity thereby leaving all other polities behind, while fomenting conflict in that polity. What’s worst of all? Fomenting that conflict in the only laboring, working, lower-middle, and middle-class population that has developed high trust and truth-before-face, upon which the entire meritocratic edifice that gives the opportunity to those diverse elites is constructed – thereby ensuring the destruction of the high trust polity and return of kinship interest above all.

The world is not complex. If it seems so it is the lies used to circumvent the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws; the lies used to circumvent that only Europeans discovered, applied, and adapted to them; and in doing so dragged mankind kicking and screaming out of ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, and disease; and that the world hates Europeans for doing so, and casts Europeans as oppressors as a proxy for nature and natures’ god, for most adapting to those physical, natural, and evolutionary laws. That is the reason for european exceptionalism. And the world shudders and does everything possible to deny it.
So what is the real problem? By inventing the age of sail in response to the Muslim conquest of Byzantium, and spreading around the world, Europeans reunited mankind, sought to bring them to their level of adaptation to physical natural and evolutionary laws – and the world it seems, cannot adapt and do so.

And so by the middle of this century, just as the european colonial project failed, the Jewish cosmopolitan project in all its Marxist, postmodernist, feminist forms, will fail, and we will end the costly failed experiment, and return to a conflict of civilizations, led by core states, advancing kinship interests, cooperating by trade, in a world where we must once again develop civilizational trade routes to survive, which will place us once again into military conflict over the returns on those routes.

In other words, a return to normal, and a return to speciation, especially speciation by intelligence – just as we have always speciated. And the chance that I err herein approaches zero.

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