Recommendations by Giego Calerio

Schmachtenberger, Doolittle, Weinstein, Henrich

A reminder that the best explanation for most intelligent people of how the world works especially regarding complex systems and incentive structures, including politics, from the 50 thousand feet view is Daniel Schmachtenberger.  He is center left as far as I can tell but he truly understands the right unlike 99% of the center left. He is a Californian urban minority nomad vegan so you may at first balk at some of his thinking. But don’t be too quick to judge, he’s a powerhouse. His medium of choice is YouTube.

If you need a powerhouse on the far right, Curt Doolittle is your man, also has fantastic knowledge and intelligence, and will improve your strawman idea of the Right into a steelman titan. If you want to understand the right on race, Curt. Medium of choice Facebook.

Another powerhouse father left than Daniel is Eric Weinstein, a very generative mind. YouTube.

If you want to understand the Republican stance on economics I recommend “Wealth poverty and politics” by Sowell.

If you want to understand the right on religion it helps to read Joe Henrich‘s papers and books to understand cultural and evolutionary anthropology and go from there to Bret Weistein vs Dawkins debate. And after that read my stuff on religion and evolution.

Still looking for one more brilliant thinker on the left, hopefully close to Zizek

—Giego Caleiro

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