The Pope Is The Enemy Of European People

—“The pope seems to be reshaping the Catholic faith into a Pantheism worshipping instead the kinship with nature and fellow man as allowed the Christ or God; and where the salvation of an individual is no longer possible but only the salvation of all. He calls for the great reset almost directly while almost quoting stanzas of the UN He leads a powerful, wealthy group aligning itself with globalism and Marxism.”—- Bill Smith

He is, they are, trying to find a way to preserve and prevent the collapse of the church, whose entire operating model is dependent upon funding by a mass ( poor ignorant dim superstitious ) peasantry needing defense from corrupt states.

So yes like we have all said, the church is naturally feminine and communist, and was only kept in check by the fact that the aristocracy used it as a holding company under primogeniture, funded with land grants, staffed with their non-inheriting sons, managing to maintain an ignorant, illiterate, fearful, subservient peasantry. And by the fact that competitors would disrupt the church income stream, privilege, and holdings of the noble families.

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