The Need for A New (Reformed) Religion

1) Solving the great problems of philosophical thought were nowhere near as difficult as reducing those problems to a simple vocabulary logic and grammar that it’s possible to teach. But the common man doesn’t need understand the law he needs a few simple rules in a narrative.

2) If the common man knows that uncommon men with greater skill are certain that the few simple rules an the narrative are precise enough for daily use, then that’s sufficient – they don’t now know law, calculus, physics, biochemistry, cog sci, or genetics. They don’t need to.

3) So the problem then is creating enough uncommon men, with the skills, that the common men can trust the simple rules and narrative. In simple terms, this is what philosophy means. And the rituals and festivals that indoctrinate the rules and narrative, are what religion means.

4) In this sense, yes we need a new religion, a new philosophy, and new simple rules, for the post agrarian world.And in particular, we need to end forever the Abrahamic system of lies that sought to destroy mankind, in the ancient, medieval, and modern world, and almost succeed.


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