“In Europe as well, up until about 1800, the wealthy had considerably more children than the poor. There was no public assistance for single mothers, so there were strict sanctions against illegitimacy. Women generally did not marry men who could not support them, and many people in the serving classes, therefore, did not marry or have children. And when the lower classes had illegitimate or unwanted children they often exposed them; dead babies were a common sight in gutters or on rubbish heaps.”

The serial ‘killers’ with by far the largest numbers were women who disposed of unwanted babies. Unfortunately for archaeologists, Roman sewers were filled with them.

My point is this: throughout history, women have killed far more babies than men have in wars. Women have killed three times as many babies by abortion(+60m) since 1973 as soldiers and civilians were killed in world war one(20m). 

Men > War -vs- Women > Infanticide.
Now tell me, what’s the difference?
We both defend what we must.

So, you know, I have less of a problem with the abortion argument than I do with infanticide. And I have more of a problem with common property, no fault divorce, alimony, child support, and welfare. Negative Feedback loops matter.

Ergo: Dysgenia is rampant today.

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