The Direction Of The Reformation of Our European Christian Religion

0. There are only three possible methods of human coercion, and three possible institutions of human organization, and three sets of elites in the perpetuation of those institutions – and the order that civilizations develop those three institutions determine our civilizational differences.

0.1 Those three methods, institutions, and elites, are Force, The Military, and the State and Politicians,  Remuneration, markets, Finance, the Law and Judges, and Inclusion(or exclusion), Faith, the Academy-Church, and intellectuals-Priests. The fourth institution has no power of coercion, and that is marriage, family, and vocation.

0.2 One can develop at least the following sequences:
… strong military > state > moderate religion(or philosophy) > and weak law as did China
or strong military > state > medium-law > and weak religion (?) as did the late romans
or strong military > law > medium state > and weak religion as did continental Europeans – unable to resist religious invasion.
or strong military > law >  medium religion(or philosophy) > and weak state (as anarchists dream)
or strong military > religion > medium law > and weak state as did India – unable to unify or resist invasion
or strong military > strong religion > weak state > and weak law as did Muslims – having to retain tribalism
or weak military > strong religion > religious law > failed state as did the Jews – having to depend on  hosts.

1. Institutional religions function as quasi-governments, and either take over the state (Islam), undermine it (Judaism), compete with it (Catholicism), work with it (Orthodoxy), or Abandon it (Protestantism).

STATE <- Islam <- Judaism <- Catholicism <- Orthodoxy -> Protestantism ->  FOLK -> Buddhism -> Stoicism -> Epicureanism -> SECULAR

2. Institutional religions resist evolution and reform. Protestant religion continuously reforms by creating a market for sects, that for all intents and purposes, provide messaging for about every half standard of deviation in IQ and class – but with the same underlying set of ideas.

Baptist >Pentecostal >Mormon>Holiness >United >Presbyterian >Protestant >Catholic >Lutheran >Methodist >Agnostic >Athiest >Anglican
(catholic being the middle)

3. So at the very least, American evangelical protestant churches have fully abandoned institutions, abandoned the highly experimental religions of the reformation, and have restored Christianity to what we call a folk religion, meaning, self-perpetuating without the need for formal institutions, or political power.

3.1 The evangelicals accomplish de-institutionalization with a greater reliance on superstition, the bible, and the talent of individual preachers- and at least in the more popular churches appears to be migrating to the use of Jesus and the bible such that it performs the same function as cognitive behavioral therapy – in other words – it is the optimum direction for therapeutic religion of the self, providing personal mindfulness which is the first function of religion. It isn’t the optimum direction for social religion whose role is local community binding, or for civic (meaning state) religion whose role is indoctrination, education, and preparation for participation in the state.

3.2 The catholic church, ever fighting against classical empirical and rational thought, all but abandoned the bible, for dogma, principally through the first counter-reformation against Classical thought by Augustine, and the second counter-reformation against the classical restoration by Acquinas – although it could not compete with the combination of the empirical revolution, literacy, the reformation. As a result, it’s less reliant on revelation and superstition.

3.3 The premise is that Catholicism is ‘good’ for you, society, and state. And because of its sophisticated training in ideals and concepts, the Catholic church functioned until the 1950’s as a civic religion. (the founders were wrong not to state that the umbrella of Protestantism was as the state religion.)

3.4 Orthodoxy is nationalistic and produces adherence and faith, including support for the state and functions as social religion. And Orthodoxy maintains its influence and is less threatened by modernity, by not being in conflict with the state, retaining an emphasis on tradition, the family, faith, and the soul.

4. The Catholic Church merged Semitic Christian supernatural with and European classical Aryan rational thought, culminating with the dogma, doctrine, vast literary history, Catechism, Catholic encyclopedia – and much of the doctrine is an imitation of European legal structure from the premise of charity instead of natural law’s reciprocity. This similarity to European law is helpful in understanding why protestants were constitutionalists and secularists have had a harder time against relativism-  they have neither catholic nor juridical training in law that is the foundation of western origins.

4.1. The Catholic church had the opportunity to reform multiple times and spawned a history of different movements including sects, Augustinian Synthesis, Monastic movement, Classical Restoration’s Scholasticism, Literacy, the protestant reformation.

5. But the institution itself like any bureaucracy dependent on income streams failed. They failed the natural law restoration, the empirical restoration, the Darwinian revolution, and the Romantic revolution. And tragically failed completely under Vatican Two – choosing the worst of all available options. They failed because they were organized NOT to adapt.

6. An separate institutional church, like the Orthodox, and especially if it has its own income stream (taxes, tithes), serves to limit demands on the state, and lets the Church specialize in education, indoctrination, self, family, society – and lets the state to specialize in via negativa force and dispute resolution.

7. This separation of powers facilitates excellence in both masculine paternal state at national and federal scale, neutral law at commercial scale, and feminine maternal church at personal, familial, and social scale.

8. The Church re-developed natural law, and the Middle Class maintained the common law as natural law, and the state created monarchy as judge of last resort, and houses markets of commons. This produced a legalistic framework across the entirety of the civilization.

8.1 And Jefferson restored Jesus’ teaching in the Jefferson Bible to one of deism and moral philosophy. He restored Jesus’ teaching to the means of tolerating the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws – by the continuous extension of reciprocal love. Not as a war against european people, but as a means of empowering European people to find joy in the tragedy of our continuous stressful evolution into the hands of the gods, by obeying the laws of the universe.

9. Then the French Secular Catholic Authoritarian Literary revolution, the German Secular Catholic Rationalist revolution, and unfortunately, the Jewish anti-European Secular Pseudoscientific revolution – alienated and overwhelmed the church causing retrenchment in superstition.

10. And the Jewish (Marxist, neo-Marxist, pomo, feminist, PC, Woke, Anti-Whiteness, White replacement, White Genocide movement) has been successful at creating a religion of conflict and hate and undermining to replace Christian religion of love and construction.

10.1 Europeans think in terms of control by competition, but the Jews (like women) think in terms of undermining. It’s hard for us to step into their shoes because fundamentally they avoid all responsibility and accountability and always preserve plausible deniability. So it’s less about power and more about tearing civilization down. Where Europeans eliminated authority by meritocracy in production, they eliminated authority by undermining host civilizations. That this is illogical never occurs to them.

14/15/16. Because there is no difference between the Jewish usurpation of Jesus’ teachings into ‘Churchianity’ and incrementally destroying roman civilization, institutions, law, education, culture, arts, aesthetics, and killing teachers and philosophers, and creating the dark ages of ignorance and superstition.

16.2 And they repeated the same warfare against civilization in their usurpation of science and converting it to pseudoscience (Marxist, neo-Marxist, pomo, feminist, PC, Woke, Anti-Whiteness, White replacement, White Genocide movement) and deliberately marching through our churches, our education, our media, and our academy, and state, and using them all as a pulpit of hatred of European civilization, because we alone discovered the true words of the gods: in the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.

11. To reform our natural religion and tradition for the age of science – where we KNOW the laws of nature, the universe, and the universe’s god – requires we understand it in those terms. We have those terms: the natural law of reciprocity, and universal Christian love to tolerate those laws.

12/13. So it is quite possible to reconstruct a ‘church’ meaning school, academy, intelligentsia, and restore our high trust, our universal Christian love, our high-quality commons, with the same underlying structure (natural law, Christian love) just as Protestantism provided sects for different social and economic classes, whether feminine empathic and spiritual, or masculine, political, and practical, and to restore civilization to previous highs free of Jewish instigation of hatred, undermining, and destruction.

13.1 We can create a reformation of Christian Religion, teaching personal spiritual faith for those who desire it and teaching reason with European history,  the natural law, and Christian ethics for those who desire it, and we can embody in our laws, the natural law, the Christian ethics, and restore the unification of our church, education, and academy, for all of us, whether faithful and theological or philosophical and scientific – and defend against these hostile peoples forever.

17/18. And if anything, or anyone, it is Europeans who then are chosen by god or the gods, and speak the ideals, language, and rules, of god or the gods, and while the Jews created dark ages and deceits, and the Muslims more bloodshed than the plagues, Europeans almost single-handedly dragged mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, the tyranny of scoundrels, warriors, and priests, and the vicissitudes of nature all but hostile to advanced life.

19/20. We control our destinies and this earth because of Europeans. Europeans and Europeans almost exclusively produced the primacy of man (Indo Europeans), reason, law, naturalism, and realism (Mediterraneans), and the empirical, agrarian, commercial, financial, industrial, first and second scientific revolution, and the medical and technological revolutions(Atlantics). And we are ushering in the genetic and sentient revolutions. Not because we are always first, but we are the most adaptive, so we are always the FASTEST.

21. So what people, what culture, what ethics, provide the evidence of following the words of god or gods, not the lies of men claiming they are the words of god? What is the basis of our European civilization, and our anglo-American-germanic-European culture?

22. We know: Discovering, adapting to, and applying the laws of nature and nature’s god, to ourselves, by reciprocal insurance of self-determination, by sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty, jury, monarchy, parliament, faith, and people.

23. Maximizing at all times the computation of the mind of God. And in doing so, evolving ourselves into the hands of God.

So that we may make this life, this earth, others, and this universe into the heaven we imagine.

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