Chinese, Semites, and Europeans


Chinese developed state and harmony first, so they can conquer and assimilate tribes and subraces by slow institutional educational linguistic and cultural integration.

Europeans developed law and heroic competition. So we can innovate but not conquer and assimilate.

Likewise, the Chinese can defend culturally and militarily, while Europeans can defend militarily but not culturally.

The Semites war against culture by total war against the institutions of culture, and state and military as a byproduct. But they can’t produce states or law (or economies for that matter).

Fascism was an attempt to eliminate this vulnerability by eliminating tolerance for competition in religion, education, and culture, thereby preserving economy, state, and military – and self-determination.

This prevents the west and far east from falling to Semitic undermining of civilization.

Gramsci wasn’t inventing anything. He was merely repeating what the Jews, Christians and Muslims had done in the ancient world. Just explaining it in secular prose.

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