Defeating the Left Is Easy


-“Seems to me the entire objective of communism (Marxist) is for Abrahamists to be in control of every institution of global influence, the masses to be impoverished (lowest common denominator), ignorant, and dependent on those institutions, and to replace the White race.”-

The reason for Marx’s hatred: European Capitalism’s organized investment in production, vs Jewish Financialism: organized investment in parasitism. Marx was fine with organized parasitism, poverty but socialized, but not with organized production and prosperous but re-socialized.

The objective of marxism was underclass (labor) rule by the revolutionary overthrow of meritocracy. Lenin understood this must be done by gaining political power. Then by violence against meritocratic peoples. When the underclass failed, Gramsci demanded the destruction of culture.

As I have said since the beginning, (a) absence of our own ‘bible’ of western civ(Law) (b) tolerance for thought-competition under self-determination and trifunctionalism (c) roman failure to exterminate supernatural Christianity (d) remnants superstition, (e) make us vulnerable.

The way we easily defeat cultural marxism, postmodernism, and the White-Hate’s march through the institutions of cultural production is by stating the foundations of the culture scientifically in law as a public asset that may not be harmed. The Legal market will do the rest.

And as I have said since the beginning, my project is to produce that ‘bible’, and embed it in a constitution and use the natural incentives of markets to exterminate competition. This is possible b/c European civ (alone) fully reflects the formal, physical, natural, & evo laws.

I just didn’t expect to discover (a) that European civ was in fact just the laws of the universe applied, and (b) Jesus’ teaching as the means by which the half-humans, slaves, and serfs unfit for civilization can not only tolerate but enjoy life through saturation in reciprocal love.

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