Regarding FB Purge over Halloween – Ironically: Yes It Was The Nazis, Not The Left.

FWIW: AFAIK the FB purge was organized by US nazis who systematically reported every person associated with the movement by going through everyone’s friends and history and reporting multiple posts. They kept pinging me as they were doing it and gloating afterward. By reporting multiple posts the post-reporter can construct a narrative. That narrative overcomes our technique of addressing taboos by crafting inexplicit content understood only by both P’s value-neutral language, and inference across posts. So it’s not that we were purged just because of Facebook – we were too cautious for that. It’s that Facebook was looking for purge opportunities and a group of American nazis organized to get us purged. In other words, the nazis adopted Cancel Culture. This is why I don’t trust Christians or Nazis. They don’t want to unify the right even if it’s only on law and policy. They want their authoritarian leadership from either the church or the state. Fundamentally P-Law produces a ‘libertarian’ (legalistic, market, competitive) framework, dependent on the institution of law. There are only three ‘totalitarian’ institutions. Church(Faith), State, and Law. And law is the hardest to understand. Especially because it is a via-negativa organization (permissive) and church (empathic) and state (forceful) are easy to understand AND they provide a positive narrative that advances people’s interests FOR them. Law, sovereignty, and markets enable people to advance themselves and sort naturally by meritocracy. This is intolerable for nazis who are the least competitive demographic, and only less so for xians, who cannot politically compete in modernity. So even if we produce a polity of ethnocentric, intolerant, rule of law, market “fascism” that secures xianity, provides ethnocentric policy, the fact that it requires a compromise between family-faith, market-law, ethnocentric-state interests, maintaining ALL group interests – in historical european trifunctional fashion – the xians(or civnats which are just secular xians) or and nazis(or totalitarian ethnocentrists of any stripe) will be defectors from the group that prevents success by unity. And the only POSSIBLE unity is law since we differ in everything other than wanting self-determination precisely because of those biases. It is impossible to create an Xian or Nazi elite in modernity, so it is only possible create a military-legal elite. that’s the only choice. Ergo “Divided we fall.” -Cheers

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